Ammar Anabtawi: Founder and CEO of ExpoTale Events & Production

Introducing Ammar Anabtawi: Founder and CEO of ExpoTale Events & Production, Qatar’s Premier Event Management Company

DOHA, May 22, 2023 — ExpoTale Events & Production proudly announces Ammar Anabtawi as the visionary Founder and CEO of the esteemed event management company based in Qatar. With a stellar reputation and a wealth of industry expertise, ExpoTale has emerged as the go-to choice for exceptional event planning and production services.

Ammar Anabtawi’s illustrious background and impressive qualifications have propelled ExpoTale to new heights. Holding prestigious certifications, including BCE (Business Continuity Expert), CEM (Certified in Exhibition Management), MMBA (Master in Marketing and Business Administration), and EMD (Event Management Diploma), Ammar combines his extensive knowledge and skills to deliver unparalleled experiences to clients.

As a testament to his commitment to industry education and sharing his insights, Ammar Anabtawi actively engages with a global audience through his TikTok channel, “emb.almaktab.” Through this platform, Ammar imparts valuable short tips on event management, providing aspiring professionals and enthusiasts with practical guidance and inspiration. Follow him on TikTok at to stay updated with the latest trends and expert advice.


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ExpoTale Events & Production takes pride in its ability to transform visions into remarkable realities. From corporate conferences to grand exhibitions, and product launches to gala dinners, the company specializes in creating unforgettable experiences tailored to client’s unique requirements. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, creative design, and meticulous planning, ExpoTale ensures seamless execution and extraordinary results.

Commenting on his vision for ExpoTale, Ammar Anabtawi said, “We strive to redefine the event management landscape by consistently exceeding client expectations and delivering unforgettable experiences. Our team’s passion, expertise, and attention to detail allow us to bring extraordinary visions to life. We are dedicated to creating meaningful connections, leaving a lasting impact on every event we undertake.”

ExpoTale’s portfolio showcases an impressive array of successful projects, including high-profile conferences, exhibitions, and private events across various industries. With a client-centric approach, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, ExpoTale has become the trusted partner for esteemed organizations seeking flawless event management solutions.


For more information about ExpoTale Events & Production and their exceptional event management services, visit their website at Connect with Ammar Anabtawi on LinkedIn at 

to explore his professional journey and industry insights.

About Expo Tale Events & Production:

ExpoTale Events & Production is a leading event management company based in Qatar. ExpoTale consistently delivers extraordinary experiences. From their mastery of marketing and advertising to their impeccable media production, production services, transportation services, and registration system services, ExpoTale elevates events to unparalleled levels of success. With ExpoTale at the helm, clients can be assured of a truly remarkable and unforgettable event experience.

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Brand Name: ExpoTale Events & Production.

Contact Name: Ammar Anabtawi

Contact Email: 0097450518899 

Country: Qatar


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