Early spring complicates cleaning operations Meet Your Digital Branding Partner: Oussama Ben Rejab

Early spring complicates cleaning operations

The early spring and changing temperatures complicate street cleaning operations in Montreal, confirms the city spokesperson.

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In an interview on LCN, Philippe Sabourin recognizes that the majority of equipment cannot be deployed on the streets to carry out cleaning work.

The entry into force of parking bans on April 1 also makes it impossible to carry out a big blitz in March.

Garbage, cigarette butts and even batteries litter the streets of the city, many Montrealers lament.

Mr. Sabourin assures that blue-collar workers nevertheless carry out cleaning operations in alleys, public places or thoroughfares that do not offer parking.

He invites citizens to lend a hand to the teams on the ground.

“It’s a collective effort. Yes, the City has the means to intervene and is taking these means,” he said.

In anticipation of the snow accumulation forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, devices will be dedicated to street maintenance.

Some of them have been transformed to clean the streets of all dirt, while others are still dedicated to clearing snow from public roads.

“We were able to use certain brush trucks, certain tanker trucks to clean the streets where there are no parking bans,” he rejoices.

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